Marriage lines, affection lines and lines of union

Hello Palmreaders!

The left vs the right palm

Marriage lines is what I refer to as the relationships we have going on in our lives, even if they are not partners we marry, they are the souls that we have a strong connection with and are a part of your love life. I read marriage lines only on the non – dominant palm usually being the left, as in the traditional manner. As the non – dominant hand contains our magic, secrets and fate it is our true self revealed in this palm. The right palm can have marriage lines as well of course but this is what we want to happen in our life, and perhaps not the true fate.

New kinds of marriage lines

As times do change there are some old fashioned ways of reading palms which really are no longer true. Why I chose to talk to you about this is because new types of marriage lines are developing in our palms, lines are full of compassion and more open minded. There are branches heading towards the Mercury finger and end of marriage lines that cut through the heart line more than ever, there are so many different types of relationships nowadays affecting us on so many levels. Life seems so complex at times but when you read your palm and apply some intuition you will understand…

Dipping marriage lines

One thing that still rings true is that a strong steady marriage line shows a happy, long term relationship. Some factors that we are seeing more as I said was the end of the marriage line dipping down. If it droops an old palm reader may suggest your partner will die before you, however more likely that it indicates some sadness. If the line continued to cut through the heart line the partner does not die or you may not even break up, however involving the heart line makes it very emotional.

Forked marriage lines

Many readers are worried about forked marriage lines. Do they indicate a break up of a relationship? Well traditionally this was the case, however more likely just differences in interests and no sudden end. There can be dramas if you do not like the direction in which the relationship is heading. The fork shows that where there are differences flexibility is needed. A fork at the start of a marriage line has a similar meaning in that you are both different personalities. If the fork appears claw like it may be difficult to cut off contact as one partner is still holding on with their claws, often causing emotional situations and being obsessional about one thing or another such as children or money.

Trauma lines on marriage lines

Some traditional books do say that a fork showed a divorce and much upset, but this is more likely the case with a trauma line at the end of the marriage line. A trauma line at the end shows the relationship is cut off cold with no further contact. Trauma lines are short vertical lines that can also cut through the marriage line part way through its course. These are stressful events and traditionally thought that they are family interfering and stopping the marriage. This could be true however there are many reasons for stressful events and the deeper the trauma the more emotion attached. Often it indicates loss such as miscarriage and major life changes.

Islands on marriage lines

Islands are a common symbol on a marriage line and not really good anywhere on the palm. They indicate a drain on some part of your life, and on the marriage line this can be your relationship. Traditional palm readers will says this shows separation or disagreement, which is partly true especially as having all your energy sucked out of you really does not make for a great relationship. It points more to a toxic relationship, where one partner has issues such as gambling, drug or alcohol dependency.

Affairs on marriage lines

Double marriage lines traditionally straight up said that an affair was happening. However in today’s modern age a doubled line may give you a clue as to what is happening in someone’s relationship. It really depends on what you are looking for in a relationship. some relationships are open and very flexible and a doubled line can actually show compassion and a partner that travels a great deal. Although it can be a sign of an affair It is very important to look at many other parts of the palm and for symbols are present at the end of the line. For example a faint line that doubles at some point followed by a break usually indicates one has been unfaithful. But it really depends on the situation of those people in the relationship. The faint line shows a distance and loss of connection between the two, and a break is a separation. Check the line afterwards for positive growth such as a triangle which can show spiritual growth from the situation. 

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27 thoughts on “Marriage lines, affection lines and lines of union”

  1. my left hand is my dominant hand and here i have two marriage lines and the lower one is strong and the upper one is barely visible. the lower strong line is long but is slightly waves upwards and then it corves downwards towards the heart line but does not touch it, it is quite far. what does this mean. Also on my right hand which is my non dominant hand i have three strong marriage lines and the middle one is carved slightly down. what does this also mean.

  2. Sir I have small not very deep marriage lines out of which one is straight and another above line breaks and then starts again coming towards down line (in right hand) my working hand. And in left I have one line larger and deeper than right hand marriage line

  3. Hello I m so right hand is has three marriage line is faint and just above the heart second line is deep and long but overlap breaks with fork.and in my left hand it has three marriage lines.middle one is deep long but it has overlap breaks.what does it mean.recently my engage ment is broken and my fiance is now far away from my life. What does overlap breaks means? Will I reunite with my fiance for marriage?

    1. Hi Priya
      Sorry to hear that you have broken up, and it is not guaranteed but often an overlapped line is simply some time apart. Life will be different however when you reunite, as you will be stronger and more wiser if the line starts above the old one. If the line starts below the old one you are likely to have become more mellow with the new relationship. If you need more info please email me a photo and payment for a palmreading which can give you great insight into other lines in your palm. Thanks

    2. Hi . I have the same marriage line . I and my fiancé just broke up 2
      month ago. Iam hoping that we ll get back one day. Did y’all get back together or you have a new relationship. Pl reply back if you get this. Thanks

      1. Hi. I have 2 marriage lines on my right hand. The second marrige line closed to my little finger has an overlapping line ( but it is a fork) under it. What does that mean)thanks

  4. Thank u maam but in my dominant right hand the overlap breaking in lines,The upper breaks of line is becoming deeper and moving forward. And in my left hand there is overlap breaks but no changing.what does it mean?

  5. my marriage line isn’t very long. it has a vertical line that drops downward almost at the end of the marriage line. does this mean my current boyfriend will die suddenly? we’re planning to get engaged.

    1. Hi Lulu
      Firstly I don’t predict death. a vertical line must be at the very end of the marriage line as to put a stop to the line, not cutting through the line. this line at the end indicates a sudden end such as divorce or someone leaving without explanation.

  6. Hi thanks for allowing my question,
    I have three marriage lines. The middle one is the longest and is a straight thick line with two short lines on either side that are both the same length and are parallel/overlap the long line. What does this mean exactly? The short line above the long line is a bit closer than the one below.
    Thank you so very much.
    Also I have a five pointed star connected to my fate line in between the mount of venus and moon, what could this be a sign of? It’s on my left hand.

    1. Hi Gia

      A long and thick marriage line is a great sign for long term relationship and good chemistry. The overlapping lines however can show a lot of changes and uncertainty. It usually means time apart like being independent and having your own space. Your partner or yourself may need to work away from home and then you are able to work things out. The five pointed star as you describe could indicate your psychic abilities if its in the centre of the palm. If the star is found on the fate line as you describe this will show at what age in your life something big is happening, if it is mid 30s for example look for other lines around the same age what is happening in your life.

  7. hiii,
    Was just browsing through palmistry related issues and came across your forum.. I know that’s too old but still hope a positive rply from you..i really need your help :)

    so the problem is that i always liked this boy from my class 12..he also liked me.. we chatted everyday and are like best of friends but could not really expresses feelings to each other. i m 23 right now.However from past 6 months i started feeling that he doesn’t like me and like someone else so i started to tell my self that its over and i should move on..but somehow things changed, last week we actually shared our feelings to each other and are really happy…and i really do not want to loose him again. But the problm is my right hand(dominant) have 2 line.i have never been in a relationship before and i have only liked him!! ya so first line is small and the second line is long(long only because it starts very early if i turn my palm sideways) and also starts and ends with a fork. the two lines are also connected with very faint vertical lines. plz help.. does the longer marriage lines depicts my marriage with this boy only na,bcoz i wanna marry him only.. HELP!!

    1. Hi Sam / xyz

      It is probably best to look at the lines on your left palm. If there is only one line there it is true you are a very loyal and devoted girl to this guy. Fork can indicate the hurdles you have overcome to be together. I wouldn’t actually read too much into the right palm lines in too much detail.

  8. Hi,
    Your article was indeed very helpful. I have trying to learn palmistry since quite some time now and was wondering if you could clear a few doubts of mine.

    RIGHT HAND (dominant hand)
    I have only 1 marriage like but it begins from far back of the hand is has multiple branches joining to form a thick line.
    I have a cross on jupiter mount and an influence line from mount of moon that joins the fate line.

    LEFT HAND i have 3 affection lines,the middle one being the strongest but has an island in the middle of the line.
    My left hand has chained head line and life line ,both are very short.

    What would this indicate with respect to love and marriage,

    1. Hi Jaineet

      A chained head line and life line can both mean different things, and on the head line it can indicate health issues. An island under the middle finger is related to hearing and under the ring finger relates to eyesight. With love that can be interpreted as not listening to your partner or someone telling you what to do..and eyes relates to opening up your eyes because there is someone who is in love with you and maybe you can’t see it. A short life line is a sign you will try to do a lot in your life, you have high expectations in your career and love life. Three affection lines or marriage lines is pretty normal and doesn’t always mean 3 marriages, more so people you have loved deeply. The middle one is in your 30s and it can be strong due to the chemistry you have with a person, the fact it has an island it is not ideal however it could also indicate that this person who you have not met yet is having a very difficult time with life, and that is why you have not met them yet. I hope that this makes sense to you. Your marriage lines on the right although I don’t read this palm when they are stretching around the back of the hand that relates to past lives and a very old connection there. Such people you will meet in these relationships you instantly connect and they have an old way about them, and are different to other relationships you will have. A cross on the Jupiter mount is lucky for business and life. Look for the age where the influence line meets the fate line for this is where your new destiny in life comes in and possibly the love of your life.

      1. Hi elle,
        WOW!! thank you so much for the descriptive reply,you have really answered all my queries.
        Wish you and your blog all the very best.


  9. My right one I use has a short think marrage line going down woods and my left one is light and going down and has a longer lighter line on the top what dose that mean????????

    1. Hi Helen
      Marriage lines on the left are your true destiny, and this is all I read. The light marriage line shows that it could be early days with the relationship especially if you haven’t met them yet it won’t be as developed. Otherwise it shows that your partner is quiet and shy. A line above shows that you could be missing them because there is some time spent away from you possibly because of work. It is important to also read your heart line and fate line before looking further into doubled lines, and not to assume someone is cheating. It can be sometimes a busy time in your life and show independence.

  10. Hi,

    I have 2 lines on my Right hand… one closer to the heart line and end with a fork. and the one above is darker and longer.
    I am currently engaged with my first love. Does it mean we will end up with divorce and i’ll end up with another man afterwards?
    I am so worried, Please advice.

  11. Hi,
    Marriage line on my left hand starts with a big fork(as it start at the back of my hand) and it ends in a trident. .. covered by sort of diamond shape. On my right hand its the same.. except it starts as a straight line.
    You wrote fork at the means hurdles.. can it mean divorce?
    Waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Sha
      Forks are usually quite small on the marriage lines and any type of shape can be easily mixed up with these. A diamond is powerful, and i see them more as a square providing stability and angels around you. A line that starts from around the back of the hand is a connection with a person from a long, long time ago (as in a past life connection). You will find with this person they are a little eccentric or have a gypsy nature about them.
      Forks are small changes in the marriage lines, which i only read at the end of the marriage line not the start. At the end it can mean divorce, but this is more likely to be a straight line at the end of the line where there is a sudden end. A fork is a difference in personalities and people wanting different things. Sometimes this also means flexibility in the relationship. There could be a break up it depends if the relationship is able to cope with the differences.


  12. Hi,

    I’m trying to figure out something i haven’t been able to see through any of the websites. My right hand is dominant. On my left, the marriage line is long and sloping upwards and the heart line ends between the index and middle fingers. the marriage line intersects this heart line and continues for a little bit longer. What does this mean?

    1. Hi Nick

      Extra long marriage lines shows a great devotion to your partner. Sometimes it means you will spend a lot of time together and shows loyalty. A marriage line that ends up between the index and middle fingers and reaches so far across the palm can show that a relationship with this person also changes your life on many different levels, such as your health, motivation, luck and work. It could also be that your marriage line has become intertwined with the Girdle of Venus which shows a sensitivity and connection with animals.


  13. Hi I came across this blog of yours and was curious to ask a few things that I have been mulling over a very long time. In my left hand there are 3 faint short relationship lines which I know have happened in my life. Then there is a short deep line which begins with a fork, above that another line starts very very close to it but it kind of overlaps , as in starts above the short deep line very near to it and 1/4 of the way before the short line ends. This line is very deep and it kind of droops down a bit. These are the two most prominent lines after that there are no more lines in my hand. So I am guessing these are my marriage line and I want to know what it means. I am in my early 30s and these lines are also in the middle between my heart line and my ring finger. I like a guy right now and I am deeply emotionally invested but this relationship has not worked out and we have separated.
    I know you dont look at right hand, but I am concerned about the lines in it. The same dark line in my left hand replicates in my right hand and is exactly at the same place. It is longest and deepest. But a very faint line joins it from below and kind of therefore makes a fork at the end. I also have one more line that has developed recently above this dark line which is not as dark but is pretty prominent. Hope to hear from you.

  14. Since July i have observed some changes in my left hand marriage line. My marriage has started to slightly bend down towards heart line. And simultaneously a new line (slanting) originating from heart line is also forming which is about to touch the downward bended marriage line at its end. I have read in books/internet that dropped down marriage line touching the heart line indicates sudden death/loss of partners ? Is it true?

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