What palmistry can do

Just to clear a few things up…There are a few other palmistry websites that claim there is alot that palmistry can not do.

Have faith and trust in the universe because there is alot that the palm can tell you about your future. Lets be positive…things that palmistry can do:

A palmist can tell the name of the person by looking at the palm, it is a tradition in India to find your soulmate’s initials on the Mount of Venus

Travel lines can be found on the Mount of Moon
Photo by Raegan Walsh-Howard
  • The geographic location or race of the person can also be found in the palm by looking at doubling of travel lines merging into the fate line and apollo lines.

    Palmistry can tell you the number of children as well as gender by looking at the marriage lines and branches from the heart line.

Marriage lines and the heart line can show romance and relationships
Looking for love in the palm
  • Although there are many types of relationships, committment and marriage is very clear in a palm on the marriage lines, heart line, fate line and life line.
  • Palmistry is consistent in its information about major lines, it is the combination of each individual’s symbols and personality that can alter a reading.

The Saturn Finger
Symbols on the palm gives you inside information about palmistry

  • While the date of death can not be told from the palm the quality of life can be seen in the bracelet lines and health issues can be seen as used in Chinese palmistry.
  • It is possible to see if a person will immigrate or travel to another country by branches on the life line and mount of moon. Some of our greatest adventurers such as Douglas Mawson had many, many travel lines on their palm.

A creative and lucky palm includes a strong apollo finger and thumb
Apollo finger symbols can show luck and fortune
  • Fortune can be predicted in the palm, including a rise to fame and winning the lotto – a star on Apollo.
  • You can see when you are buying a property by branches on lifeline and squares on the fate line.

Mount of Venus, photo by Anna Conlan
Mount of Venus reveals family, love and motivation. Photo by Anna Conlan
  • It is possible to see if you will formally study by a triangle on the fate line and if there is a triangle on the heart line your love life is also a bit of a learning experience.
  • It is possible to tell the medical conditions in the palms, by using Chinese palmistry methods.  Special symbols on the palm and the fingernail quality pinpoint health problems.

Brad shows us his fire palm
Brad shows us his fire palm
  • Palmistry can tell the future as major lines remain the same 8 years in advance before changing.
  • It is possible to recognize the profession of the person by symbols, fingerprints and direction of lines

25 thoughts on “What palmistry can do

  1. Hi Elle,

    I am wondering if you could enlighten me with few answers. I had a dream of a new bracelet line growing on my right hand but lower than the current bracelet lines, almost below the usual wrist band. Do you know what that means? ( I previously tries to study palmistry)

    Also I have 2 lines from travel lines dat joins up to form a square and then a triangle and then a diamond shape. Do you know wat that means?

    Also I have a star on my left mount index finger?

    And I have a fork trident shape line on my Right middle finger mount.

    Can you tell me the meanins as I have search high and low for my lines.

    Thanks :D

    1. Hi there Maz
      Bracelet lines are related to past lives so there would be a reconnection for that. Would you like me to read further into your palm for the other symbols. It is considered lucky to have a star on the Jupiter mount, more serious on other parts of the palm. Any symbols attached to the travel lines are lucky such as square to show safety in travel and triangle usually opportunities for work.
      Drop me an email at palmreadingbyelle@gmail.com and I can provide you with a reading! With faith and hope,

  2. Helo Thr Kindly Tell Me What This Means… I Have These Features in my palms..a travel line which starts off mount of luna and ends in the middle of the headline,besides i have about 3 mounts of apollo shooting off from the heartline and a number of lines branching from below the jupiter finger to the mount of saturn which then becomes a single mount..what does it mean?

    1. Hi Colin
      Any travel lines near or merging with the fate line are a good sign that this is a lucky trip for you. There will be significant events during this trip such as working holiday or meeting a partner. Three lines under Apollo are a lucky sign of fortune. Am not sure what you mean by describing lines from under the Jupiter finger to the Mount of Saturn this is not a usual sign, anything under the Jupiter finger is a counsellors ring. Lines between these two fingers the ring and middle finger are called vanity lines. Hope this helps you with interpreting your lines. If you would like a reading palmreadings are available for $20 – $50 if you are interested. Just email to palmreadingbyelle@gmail.com with payment through paypal. What are your questions and date of birth?

      With faith and hope

  3. Hi, can you kindly tell me what this means, I have a health line that starts at my line of life and ends under my little finger, does the health line touching the life line really mean life threathing disease and early death

    1. Hi Sid
      It really depends on the quality of your lifeline, and death is never predicted just ill health. Circles on the lifeline where the health line meet are signs of an illness and breaks mean big changes in your life such as a change in lifestyle which can be caused by bad health. Look for symbols on heart line also such as circles here may indicate cholesterol or a very red heart line for high blood pressure. A circle symbol on your head line can show an ear infection.
      With faith and hope

  4. Thank you, my life line is very clear , there arent any circles, but there are downward lines just before the health line meets the life line, and both heart and head lines are clear , no circles or islands

    1. Hi again, this is a great sign. The health line goes up to the mercury mount under the small finger and relates also to your communication skills. It also relates to your love of technology. Downward lines relate to travel and not ill health so all is well in your world.

  5. Ok thank you for your help, I was told downward Lines on the life line mean misfortunes, and upward lines mean achievements , Iv got 3 downward lines on my life line right before the health line touches the lifeline

    1. Hi, on the lifeline downward branches as they are called are positive indicating travel usually. They can indicate misfortunes in love and work if seen on the head line or heart line.

  6. Two things I’ve been curious about for a while:
    One, what might it mean if the life line on my Major hand collides right into my head line and merges with it?
    and Two, my mother has well-defined pentagrams on both of her palms, and I seem to have inherited them from her. They’re both a little underdeveloped, but Mom was in her thirties before the second pentagram came in. A mystic once told her that they represented psychic (well, spiritual) gifts. I’ve read about stars (which definitely aren’t the same thing) and the Line of Solomon (allegedely a symbol of great psychic power/spiritual awareness, which I don’t have, I checked), but I haven’t found much about actual pentagrams. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi D, many symbols can be found in the palm. By pentagrams you mean as in a star surrounded by a circle? Interesting. Depending what direction the star is pointing traditional palmistry books say these relate to white and black magic. Triangles are more of a sign of spiritual gifts. If the pentagram was in the psychic triangle area in the centre of the palm this would give you great psychic powers. The line of solomon is a line around the base of the index finger, which i have always seen as a ‘counsellor’s ring’. Merging head and life lines are common at the start of the line and shows a closeness in all your relationships.

  7. pls I need to know what the lines in my palm says about love.I have a heartline which end just at the begining of jupiter finger &some upwards & downwards lines.A well curve life & long straight head line.But my concern is I have an influence line that joined my fate line just before my head line on my active hand(right) & on left the influence line crossed my fateline & ends on the upper side of my venus mount & a semi curve line from the mount of venus entered my life line at exact point where the influence line joined my fateline but on the mount of venus Am 32year old now & have a distance relationship but for a month he has been cold towards me.I forget to add I have a clear marriage line.pls help me I need to know if the person in life now will be my husband.

    1. Hi Barbra
      Interesting what is happening in your palm and influence lines occur in our palm when we are worried. If this something really to worry about we start to get sick physically and may have headaches and stomach aches, which is when the influence line crosses the life line into the mount of venus. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will break up with your partner. It is best to look at the state of the lifeline after this influence line crosses it. Would you like to email me the photo of your lifeline and I can do a short reading if you like for $20. A strong marriage line would most likely indicate there are no problems in the relationship and this worry could be coming from elsewhere.

    1. Hi Mb
      A diamond is usually a square held in a different position over the line or it could be a triangle, which for a child is lucky as it shows they are very bright and good at maths. Thanks

  8. Today I’m getting a reading done by a person who can read past lives. And I came back here when I received a email update on the poster mb asking about the diamond shape on the first child line, And I also have the same diamond shape on the first child line. Ever since of that dream of the bracelets growing on my wrists I have been bountiful in gifts and healings and mystic abilities. I’ve grown tremendously and have been doing tarot readings, medium and channelings, reading peoples past life and doing many types of healings from the inner child to chakra healing and past live healings. Its great to be reminded that what I dream of and now just a few minutes away from getting a healing with my past life. So awesome. Thank you so much. Angel blessings to you and all <3

    1. Thank you mynrose. The bracelet lines do hold a lot of past life information, and if you see them growing in strength it relates to a boost to your overall health. It is best that you have three strong lines for good health. Lines that reach further down the wrist relate to older past lives.

  9. I have a diamond shape that branches off at the beginning of a very strong marriage line. Can you tell me what this could possibly mean? I have searched many websites, but have not found an answer. Thanks

    1. Hi Lily
      A star is a symbol that is dynamic in the palm and in the Mount of Neptune relates to dreams and your unconscious world and intuition. A star may show you can gain a lot of information by listening to your dreams or helping people such as counselling with this talent. Don’t let it overwhelm you by keeping a dream journal. Thanks

  10. Hi I have a short marrage line that goes upper ends with a diamond and the diamond is connected to one of my vertical line and its going down my heart line what does it mean?

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