Changing marriage lines

Recently there have been alot of questions about marriage lines. Symbols on the marriage lines and faint lines are also a concern for many of my clients.

With palmistry it is important to remember that lines can change every 8 years. Minor markings and symbols can change every couple of months. When we do see these changes in our marriage lines we are given a chance to work on our relationship and have the chance to the problem rather than leave it up to fate.

Marriage lines under the Mercury finger

Focusing on the lines you have now

When reading marriage lines about future relationships it can depend on the clients attitude towards love at the time. If they are not keen to settle down and have other things on their mind such as career or travel, then the marriage lines may be weak. The other marriage lines may be friendship lines and not even a sexual relationship, but it is an important relationship that you will discover in time.

If you find a faint marriage line this may darken over time especially when you meet this person and develop your chemistry. The rest of the palm may show strength in a large Mount of Venus which indicates travel and a deep Fate line which shows ambition.

Symbols seen on marriage lines

If you are seeing squares and circles when having your palm read this should not put you off as they are not a permanent sign as i said before. They are more about the energy of that relationship and what could be blocking it happening, for example a circle can indicate a lack of energy or someone who is a bit toxic issues. A break in a marriage line can change over a matter of months strengthened by love, passion and protection from angels which show up as squares on your marriage line.

180 thoughts on “Changing marriage lines

  1. Hi there!

    Ive been stressing out majorly over these marriage lines. I was wondering if you could tell me, if one has a fork, that then branckes off to another fork that seems to be on a parallel line, what does that mean?

    Also can these marriage lines change over the years? Sometimes i have heard that people have 2-4 marriage lines but are happily married with their high school sweet heart for more than 15 years. Is there any validity to this concept then?

    Thanks alot, and please do reply.

    1. Hi Debby
      As I said in my post you can have several marriage lines and some of these lines are friendship lines and strong relationships with others.
      The forks in the end of the marriage line are changes in the relationship and usually means people go their separate ways, however in the case of having a parallel line and a branch joining it is a good sign for a renewal to the relationship. Sometimes if the parallel line follows much of the main marriage line however this can indicate a third person in the relationship. It would be different if the parallel line started further down towards the point of change when the fork occured, much like a fork in the road one must decide which direction to take..

      1. Hi, I do too have a fork at the end of my marraige line, my line starts right at the very back of my little finger all the way around about 2/3 of the way beneath my little finger on towards the palm of my hand, the line droops down a little too what’s got me is there’s a tiny line cutting the fork making it look like the letter ‘A’ sideways and i see right beside the lighter line that joined the end of my marraige line that made the fork there’s another identical line at the exact same slangy angel also touching on my marraige line have you seen this before my gosh what do you think it might mean? The lines mirrored on my left had too except it’s linked to another fork which touches the line around the base of my little finger Thank you xXx

      2. Hi Alva
        A fork such as this with extra lines is positive with emotional attachment and efforts possibly from an angel or someone who will help with your relationship starting with the letter ‘a’. A fork generally shows a difference in opinion or personality

      3. Oh, thank you so very much for your reply no doubt the angels you mentioned are either my beautiful granny or one of my adorable grandads they truly are my guardian angels! I had been with the love of my life for 13yrs with stresses work, money and family issues it just took its toll on both of us and our relationship. The break ups been hard on us both he hasn’t spoken to me since n replied to a text funny how are you text I sent him last month i could hardly believe it! It’s three years this week time it flies and although I’ve tried to move on my instincts and feelings tell me he’s the one he’s always been the one, we’ll have to see I guess time will tell but your reply gives me hope. Thank you, have a wonderful magnificent Monday. xXx

    2. Hi Debby.ihave fork at the end of the marriage line on both hand.on my right hand fork is very wide and curved to the murcury finger as well as to downward but the upward curve is too much.I’m much worried about this fork.I do not want to have separation.please tell me about this

      1. Hi Rabia
        I am not sure who Debby is? Your fork at the end of the marriage line sounds quite large, and when it curves right up towards Mercury finger that shows psychic side to the relationship. It’s likely that there is a strong emotional connection, as well as psychic connection with your partner – always. I hope that this helps you. Thanks, Elle

  2. Thanks Elle. (Love your articles btw, reading a whole lot of them and your personal readings of palms. REALLY interesting!)

    Just one last question however (please do anser this one ><) lets say a female with an active right hand has 3 marriage/affection lines on their right palm. The first line is very faint, and granted they have had strong like relationship to this person for 2 years but no longer maintains conact with them.

    The middle one line is deep however but ends with a drop down to the heartline and then another line drooping upwards towards the ring finger (so ending in like a fork in other words), and considers them as "the one" is it possible that this person is their soulmate and will remain with them until old age? Further this person also has a double life line running close to the first life line.

    (However the third line close to the base is shorter than the second middle marriage line, but is much deeper than the first affection line)

    Or is it that there are other lines influencing soulmate connections?

    Thank you so much Elle! Hope you're having a lovely day

    1. Hi Debby
      Thanks for your kind comments and glad you are enjoying palmreading..There are other lines influencing soulmate connections. These are found on the bracelet lines on your wrist and a series of horizontal lines. Any doubling up of these lines indicates a serious relationship in a previous lifetime and you will be more than likely encounter that person in this lifetime. As I said in Dark Angels comment a marriage line that dips down into the heartline is a sign of a soulmate connection, its also considered someone from a past life as you may find it hard to let go as the emotional connection is strong. If you would like me to have a look at your palm feel free to email me and readings are available from $20 to $50 and can help look at other lines on your palm such as the fate line and travel lines which can give information about relationships too.

  3. Hi Elle!
    Im a female with an active right hand and on my palm i have 3 affection/marriage lines. The first is faint, and granted i was in a 2 year strong like relationship at ayoung age with him so im thinking this may resemble that line. The 3rd line is near the base of my pinky but is shorter than the middle line but deeper than the 1st.

    The 2nd middle marriage line is much deeper and longer than the other two. However though it forks in the beginning it so happens to droop down towards the heartline but another line joined to this line seems to droop upwards to the ring finger at the end of it. So call it if you will, it seems like a fork but the lines are rather long. Further upon being with this person who so happens to be my close friend, a second life line in between my life line and the Mount of mars, had appeared. My heart line is deep but there are faint branches that go in various directions, towards the end of the line.

    My question is, i feel that the person im with now is my soulmate, and i have a strong connection to this person that I never felt before. (However one barrier seems to come between us and thast our communication). Despite the other 3rd line, with these indications is it possible that this person is my soulmate and that i will remain with this person for the rest of my life. And perhaps as u have indicated to Descartes, if we were to work on our communication, is it possible for my afection lines to change over the years?

    Sorry for it being so long! I hope you do reply! Thanks Elle.

    1. Hi dark angel
      The longest marriage line is the person that you will know the longest and possibly marry especially if it dips down into the heartline it is a sign of a soulmate. Look for branches on your heartline up to the ring finger of Apollo for romance. Together with the second lifeline starting near your mount of mars this is strong signs of a serious relationship. The line may be fainter than the others because you feel the communication is lacking a little. Branches from your marriage line up to the little finger are good signs however for communication and spiritual growth.
      The third marriage line could be another relationship it is hard to say without seeing your palm. Feel free to email it through to me at and I can answer a question or two for $20 through Paypal.

      1. Hi…I have 3 marriage lines…all very dark 1st one close to my heart line is short,2nd line is bending towards heart line and 3rd is straight…which 1 to follow????

      2. Hi Grace, all marriage lines relate to you. It depends on your age. The line closest to the heart line is for in your 20s, the middle one about 35 and top line closest to the finger is a relationship later in life. On your lifeline or fateline do you have doubling of lines? If so, then this can show when a relationship is happening at a particular age.

      3. Hi ,My marriage line is bending towards the heart line…is there any sign to worry??????or its a great sign??? plzz help me thank u….

      4. Hi Gaurav, the marriage line that is dipping towards the heart line shows a relationship where there is a deep, emotionally connection. This person will really get under your skin and you will fall in love. It can be sometimes bad if they upset you and you can’t move on to a new relationship, otherwise it is an emotional connection sometimes even a past life connection.

  4. Hi, I am leftt handed and 34 yrs old was married in 2010 and got divorced in 2011 have no previuos love history. i have 2 lines marriage lines in my left hand 1 is near to heart line it is very faint with island. 2 one is prominant and is almost in the centre a very smal line comes downward from prominant line (only seen when bent the palm) but not as in forked line. someone told me that my engagement will break then i will live a very happily married life but i got divorced. i have only 1 line in right line with slight fork at the end of line toward palm. i m very afraid now about my future kindly reply me will i be married again and live a happy married life or not

    1. Hi there nooreen,
      as you are left handed you need to read your right palm’s marriage lines. do you use both hands though?
      I would have to really go by the non dominant palm showing only one line, generally this shows in love you are loyal and feel very strongly toward you partner. A fork at the end particularly important that it is faint could be a sign of a relationship to come, forks show flexibility in relationships. This will give you clues as to the next partner you will meet who will most likely be a good communicator.

    2. i have the same issue .. i am trying to get married again .. but all boys run from me.. i am already divorce and broke my new engagement too.. i am also worried

      1. Hello Elle

        I am sending a picture these are the marriage lines on my BF’s left hand and he recently broke up a long term relation

        Please help

        Regards Mugdha Shah Sent from my iPhone

  5. thx Elle
    no i use only left hand n there is only 1 line present in my non dominant hand ends with slight fork towards palm 2 in left hand 1 with islan and other 1 is strong will i be married again or not

    1. Would you like to have a full palmreading for $20, it is easier if you can send my your photo and I can tell you accurately yes or no. Going by your description of the marriage line I would say that you would only get married once. It is best to look at your palm though as the marriage line is not the only indication to go by.

  6. Hi Elle,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your interesting articles, thank you!
    I probably committed the cardinal sin of palmistry, letting an amateure do a reading at a barbecue on the weekend (with alcohol involved). Oops!

    In anycase, a woman (who says she has dabbled in palmistry for 20 years) forecast a bunch of exciting things for me to look forward to in my life including money troubles and a lack of direction. However, the most worrying was the marriage lines. Apparently I will not get married and have no children. Two areas that are very important to me, if not logically on the cards in the immediate future.

    But I am confused. I did some google research and learnt the marriage lines are below the little finger and I definitely have lines there. Why would she assume that meant no marriage?

    On my left hand I have three clear lines. Two of these stretch over to the back of my hand and are quite prominent, and there is a line in the middle that is significantly shorter than the other two. There are also a few fainter lines above and below the two prominent ones.

    Then on my right hand there are two lines again but a lot fainter than on my left. They are also shorter. They are accompanied by a collection of shorter lines. Of the two more prominent lines, one appears to overlap another line closely underneath, but doesn’t join it (it almost looks like a broken line). The other one is short, but has some super short and fainter lines around it. Although all lines are faint, when I outstretch my pinky two of the lines become more obvious, almost like a crease or a roll in the skin (I hope that makes sense).

    I am right handed, but which hand do I pay most attention to? What are the different meaning?

    Thank you for any clarification and again for your articles :)

    1. Dear Hopeful

      The marriage lines are only one place to look at on the palm for signs that you will get married or be in a serious relationship. Other signs of your ‘soulmate’ are seen as a doubled lifeline that joins at some point or a branch joining the fate line. On the heart line, branches up toward the Apollo mount the ring finger will show times of romance. The left palm is the one to look at when checking your marriage lines, and having 3 lines is pretty common showing usually one when you are young, in your 30s and later on. The short line may be someone who was very special but only had a short time with. Send me some pictures if you would like a reading :)

      With faith and hope

  7. hi there,i have 3 marriage lines in both palms,on the left palm the one closest to the heart line bends down a little,the second line again bends down with a fine line cutting it and the third marriage line which is the darkest n deepest has a small fork to it and from the middle of the fork a fine line branches out and cuts heart head line and touches my life line.where as in the right palm the third marriage line has a smaller fork and is exentded in a broken line and touches life line..what does it mean..m very worried

    1. Hi there this is an interesting marriage line the last one that you described that is the deepest and darkest – this is the most important relationship you will have in your life. A fork isn’t always great it can mean that you grow apart and there are differences, sometimes it can indicate flexibility in a relationship. I feel mostly for you that it would show flexibility because your heart, heart and your life are making an effort to make this relationship work. A marriage line is only read on the left palm, it is the tradition so try not to read it on the right palm as this is what you wish for.

  8. hi there sorry i wanted to know one more thing..with the above forked marriage line can i work things out and have a happy married life with the same person or divorce is the only meaning of a forked marriage line…

  9. hi :) just like marz asked above does a fork deffinietly mean the marriage or relationship will end? iam 18 years old and i was told by a physic that the relationship iam in now i most likey wouldnt marry him or if i did that it would end bad but that i have this man in my future( maybe 5-8 years from now) who is just right for me the whole works which i would assume was the only other marriage line i have under my pink its deep but short assuming it wont grow until i hit the relationship but it looks it has a slight fork. The physic told me to stop worrying it should be a long lifetime marriage.. so my question is can this fork go away once i enter that relationship can it change or even thought a fork will remain could a happy lifetime marriage be present?

    1. Lines on the palm can change every 8 years so it is possible Connie, especially the signs of a faint fork these may not be visible in 8 years because your circumstances has changed in life.

  10. hi,thanx a whole lot for the reply!!i would line to ask u one more thing that is..the froked marriage line on my left palm has a light island attatched to the lower prong of the fork and the island then further has a line extended,,cutting my heart head line and touching the bottom of my life line with a little going in the mount of venus(just a little).i have an island on my heart line too and my life line in the feft palm breaks with a big gap(not so big but not that small either).i heard that an island means a sure shot it true?i am very worried as i dont wana have any divorce in sorry for asking so many questions..i wud be very glad to hear from you again,thankyou!!

    1. Hi, probably is best if you send a photo through for a short reading as this will give you a more accurate reply and peace of mind. it is a quick reading for $20, or if you prefer i also do long readings for $50. generally circles on the marriage line are not a good sign and sometimes one partner has issues of some sort. on the heart line it relates more to your emotions, under the ring or middle finger this can show health problems with the eyes and ears.

  11. does a fork line mean my husband would cheat on me especially when a third line is entering the fork (not going so deep inside the fork)??

  12. hey..i have a star on my left palm below the middle finger on mount of saturn..does that mean i will have to lead a tragic life?and as asked above a line entering in the middle of a fork means a betrayal?or what could that mean?thankyou!

    1. If the star was on the fate line underneath the middle finger of Saturn there is some concern as that will be a shocking time in your life and it can be timed. If not on a line and just under the finger it shows you’re ambitious and a high achiever, probably pushing yourself very hard at times.

  13. thankfully its not on the faith line as my faith line stops at heart but a line from the star sends a line that cuts heart line and ending on head line but does not touch the faith line(next to the faith line)

    1. Hi Jam, in some traditional palmistry books Saturn does have a bad reputation because it carries some heavy forces. You will take on a lot in your life possibly deal with a lot or work in a field such as law and have a positive impact if you chose to go that way. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it being related to a betrayal.

  14. hey,i have a marriage line in my left palm that is about 30 to 35 yrs..but my parents are planning to get me married now i am in my is it possible 4 me to get married in 20s and will i be happy marrying before the age my palm shows?thanx

    1. Hi, marriage lines don’t accurately measure age so you need to look at other lines on the palm such as the life line, fate line and heart line too. The marriage lines are just general such as early, mid and later life relationships. I am happy to do a reading for you just let me know.

  15. thank you so much!as i told u the line is three quater up the mount…but my parents are very eager to get me married now in fact am 22 now n my parents want me to get married by having a problem in finding the right guy does the line mean ill find a guy only in my 30s cause the line shows that..and if i get married now at this age will i have another marriage at 30,35 yrs of age??i just have one marriage line though..sorry too many questions from my side..:)am glad that i dont have to wait till my 30s and can get married in 20s.. ;)

    1. The marriage lines are a traditional name. They are signs though of a deep connection with someone. This person your parents want you to marry may not even be on your palm because you don’t have a connection with them. Only your soulmate or loved ones are on there, sometimes best friends too :) Hope this helps

  16. hi,thanx for the info u have given me on the star..which means i have a lot of hardships to go through in my life :( the star on mount of saturn also happens to form a small triangle(with 2 lines of the star and 1 just adding below to form a complete triangle) i wonder what that means..and the betrayal thing i asked was about marriage line as asked by someone else above..that is if a line enters a forked marriage line does it mean betrayal?

    1. Hi Jam, was a little concerned you thought that was bad news about the star on saturn and you have misinterpreted. it is best to look at the overall look of the palm such as breaks in lines or other symbols on lines such as circles too which show actual hardships. a triangle is lucky symbol so your star can be related to some study or achievement related to justice.

  17. Hi My marriage line in left hand end to fork and my right hand is not like this ( I am a right hand) but my husband mariage line is so straight and deep without fork.

    in fact he has three line the first one is short and the second one is longer and deeper and one more after this long one which is shorter.

    So what is the meaning of this differences mine is end to fork but his is not?We have a lot of problems in our life does it mean separation?

    About the third line in his hand after marriage line does it mean cheating ?


    1. Hi Ro, having extra marriage lines does not relate to your partner cheating. extra lines relate to other relationships such as best friends or people that are very special in their lives. branches from these lines sometimes give clues where the friendships arise from and what they are like. someone with many marriage lines is usually just a flirt. signs of a cheating partner sometimes is when you look at your marriage line and it is doubled – this can mean a lot of time spent apart and living separate lives. a fork in the marriage line can be just a different point of view and that flexibility will occur. Hope this helps, please send me a photo of you and your palms if you would like a full reading

  18. well,i have a island on my fate line attached to head line ( where these both lines meet)..and a break in life line..m srry elle i cant send a photo to u..but i would really be glad if u could tell me a little further about the star..i just want to know if there will be problems for a specific time..or will i have to face problems and every corner if life due to the star on saturn..a line from star extends and cuts the heart line and touches head line next to fate line…i hope the worries get disappeared somehow..plz tell me if i have great trouble in life to come?

  19. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your comments, very helpful and interesting! I’m glad there is someone like you out there willing to answer these questions for us online, thank you :)

    I just have a quick question, I am right handed but my right hand marriage lines seem to be a lot less difinitive than my left. My right hand has a series of shor-tish, faint lines, one of note runs directly paralle under another but very very close to it. The others on that hand are very short and light. By comparison, my left hand has only three lines of note, two rather deep, strong lines and one lighter, shorter one in between the two. The two strong ones also wrap around the side of my hand. They are much more noticeable than any marriage line on either hand. There are also a couple of very very faint lines on my left hand closer to the heart line.

    I am currently single but have had lots of short relationships/dates etc, but only a couple of serious relationships and only one so far that has even been potentially close to marriage.

    I am wondering which hand to pay most attention to? I had a palm reader reader my right hand recently and she said she doesn’t even see marriage! That freaked me out a lot. Should she have taken both hands into consideration and if so, how do you make sense of two so very differnt formations?

    Thanks for any assistance and for all your posts.

  20. hey,sorry for bothering u again and again..looks like many people have forks in marriage many have asked about it..i too have a forked marriage line in addition to the fork a very light island is attached to the lower prong of the fork and from the island a line extends to the middle of the palm cutting the other main lines..however the line with island is very light..does that mean there will be a third person in the marriage..i have read that the island means some unhealthy comments about the marriage after the break up on a forked marriage line..and 1 last thing..does the fork and island mean that i am going to create problems or does it mean that the partner would create problems in the married i can never cheat in a relation specially in a married relationship..

    1. Hi, the palm needs to be read as a whole and not just to focus on the one marriage line to get a balanced view a palmreader always looks for at least three strong signs. I would be more than happy to read your palm for you if you email me a photo of your left and right palm for only $40 (Australian) to get full insight. Thank you

  21. Dear Elle,
    Thank you for this blog. I just want to ask if you ever compare 2 palms of any couple? I have compared my palm with my hubby’s. Interesting that on his hand he just have one deep long marriage line while on my hand it is just one with a very broad island (almost seems like 2 lines). Sadly, on the lower line (on my hand) it ended with fork while on the upper line it drops to the center of the lower line. Frankly, I have planned to divorce because I can not separate too often (his job is full of travel). I see a child line on his palm while it is never exist on mine (we never have any kid). Please do help me, I am trying to be calm now, but I am realistic.
    1. Is it possible that he has been in another relationship with another woman (adultery) and has a child with her? Because our marriage lines seem totally different. How can it be possible when his line reflects ours?

    Thank you Elle….

    1. Hi Magen
      Your marriage lines sound interesting. What may explain the difference between the two is that everyone wants different things especially so if seen on the right palm. A fork can show a separation in the relationship but can also mean flexibility in the relationship. Having a look at your heart line is also a good sign, look for breaks, branches to fingers and symbols such as circles for difficulties and squares for strength.


  22. I’d like to bid my greetings to you, Elle. Thank you for offering your services.

    Now, here’s my problem:

    On the mount of Moon, a line crosses my hand, then makes a small circle and then the same line continues and connects with my fate line, and seems to be leaving it and creating like a dim triangle (or maybe is just the continuation of that line as it crosses with other very small ones, it seems impossible to make a clear statement on that). There is also a line that comes late from life line that touches that triangle like. What does it mean exactly? Does that mean a relationship with a foreigner? Or a soul connection? On that hand (right) i also have one clear marriage line only, with no other small or big lines or any other signs to appear there. On my left i still have a branch coming from moon mount, but is much smaller and does not continue or cross the fate line. Plus, to marriage lines exist there (one seem smaller, so might be just a relationship).

    Link to shed light on that:

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Thomas
      Thanks for the picture. It looks like it is a holiday romance for you, at some point in your life. A circle isnt always positive when travelling and you may get travel sick such as car-sick or sea-sick. On the fate line you will be able to know at what age that happens, and from what I see it is before the head line so in your late 20’s. A triangle is always a positive sign and when it’s faint usually means there will be some study for you especially if on the fate line. The fate line is also about motivation and a triange is great for will power.


  23. hi elle,i am right hand just one marriage line on left hand which is clear and straight,but two on right first one bend towards the heart line at the end of line and other close to the little fingure and small.please tell me somthing about this and also the bend of line towards heart can chang?

  24. hi elle. i have 2marriage lines in my left palm , First one which is close to the little finger
    touches the heart line and the other one present below it , shorter than the first and
    having a trident
    symbol at its end. What does it mean? But my right palm contain only 1 line.

    1. hi sonu, this sounds like you have a lot of love going on in your relationships. the marriage line at the bottom closest to the heart line is your first major relationship with a trident it can bring luck, you are connected by so many ideas. possible you go into business together. The second marriage line that dips down to touch the heart line is your soulmate.

  25. Hi elli..
    Im a right handed person. In my right hand i have a fork in my marriage line. Actually from a distance it appears as a fork but it is a seperate line took place just beside marriage line and make it look lik a fork though there is a tiny gap between these 2 lines.. Plz let me knw wht does it means

  26. HI,
    I have 3 predomiant marriage lines. one deep starts from base and straight. then 1.5 mm towards little finger ther is a deep line which starts from where the previous line ends(can we consider this as overlapping line) after this line there is another line from base similar to my first line but 3/4 th its lenght. Can you pls giv prediction for this. I married at 24 years after a year got seperated. Now its 2 year after seperation. will the overlap line mean I reunite or will i remarry?

    1. if lines overlap it can mean you will reunite. it is best to look at other lines on the palm showing if you will remarry such as fate line. can you send some pics or would you like a longer reading by email nisha?

      1. Thnx for ur reply Elle.. unable to upload the image. But can explain. Its like this | ‘ | as you could see a long line and a little away from it overlap line starts (i was able to mention it as just a dot in this mail) from middle from where my long line ends. And a further another line starts.

        If overlap doesnt really touch the marriage line is it still signify reunion?

  27. I have marriage line in left which looks like fork . Means fork of one line is short and other line goes so long till next to little finger. In my right hand marriage line is straight . Which hand to see i use right hand most of time . Can i change this line if it says about separation . I am sacred

    1. there are crystals that can help heal as well as reiki to help smooth over worries. depends what lines you are referring to. minor lines will come and go and with inner-work and with time these will change.

  28. i m a right handed person… but the middle line is very fade n also does not start from the base..
    but on my left hand,it s as follows:

    again,on my left palm also.. the middle line doesnt start frm base n it s very fade… which hand shud b considered?

    1. hi priya, the left palm shows 2 relationships when you are in your 20s and 40s most likely. the middle line may change over time and become stronger, when you meet this person and develop a stronger connection or it maybe they are shy?

      1. i m 20 now and i am in a relationship with a guy…. but my parents are against him.. will they accept him? wil i marry him?

  29. Hello Elle, I would like to ask about my marriage lines… both of my hands have 2 marriage lines. On the right hand, 2 strong lines with the upper line closer to my pinky a little longer. I have a mole in between (if that says something) these lines.. btw, I am married now and I got married at 24, I am now 26. Does this mean I will seperate with my current husband and marry someone else in the future? thank you so much

    1. the only palm you need to read is the left palm, that is unless you are left handed you would read your right. the first line is your marriage and the second long line is most likely a best friend.

  30. Haha thank you so muh for posing this! I am only 14 and I was thinking I was like never going to have a serious relationship. Not so much worried in never having a marriage. This makes so much sense :) thank you.

  31. Hi Elle

    I would like to ask abt my marriage line.. I have 2 lines on my left palm and just 1 on my right palm. I am a left handed person. the 1st line on my left hand just below my Pinky is longer n branches out one touchin the lil finger and the other one bending down & touchin the heartline(but there’s a break in this line which is touchin the heart line.) And the other lline is jus staright but shorter than the 1st line below the lil finger.

    i am in a realtionship with a guy for nearly 7 yrs now ,,could you plz help me out wat does this indicate as am really worried if we get separated

    1. Hi Roopa
      How old are you? would be good to see the marriage line if you would like a reading email a photo of your marriage line through to me. For $20 I can help you with a more in depth answer. I ask how old you are because marriage lines up higher on the palm near the little finger show relationships at a later age. It could be that this is a marriage later on in life. Let me know if you would like a palmreading.

  32. Hi elli..
    What does it mean if my deepest marriage line has a diagonal line intersecting it coming from behind which seems like a long branch pointing towards my heart line. Then at the end of it there’s a narrow fork. The upper line of the fork has an upward branch stemming from it. The line estimates that the marriage might occur in my late 20s. I’m 24 and I’ve only had one long term relationship which ended recentlly. But I’ve felt a strong connection with him and we had a relationship which pointed towards marriage but ended due to external factors. I have 2 short and weak affection lines beneath the strong one. And another weak one above it. What could this mean? Could the marriage line be my previous relationship with a chance for reconciliation? Thanks for all your help!

    1. Hi Jill
      That sounds like an interesting marriage line and when it branches toward the heart line it can show a soulmate connection. Sometimes downward branches can also mean sadness though, but in this case as you have a branch going upwards as well it shows positivity. This relationship showed a shared passion for life and love of people in the world, he sounds like a person who cared a lot about the world. Your other marriage lines may change over time and may be faint right now because you haven’t met another special person just yet.

  33. hi elli..

    i have a grave doubt in my mind about my marriage lines. My right hand has got 3 parallel pretty straight lines, except the middle one curved towards the heart line. All the three lines are easily visible, and are placed closer to the base of the little finger, starting from almost middle of heart line and the base. the line closest to the base is the most intense relatively.
    This was the story of my right hand.
    Now for the left hand, i got 5 lines, spread out equally in the entire gap. The fourth line is the most strongest and intense line, placed closer to the base of the little finger(70% of entire gap) but it has got a fork, a fork curving towards heart line. And there is a light line, after that.
    I read about having a divorce or something if there’s a fork on marriage line. I am pretty worried about it.
    also please explain the significance of marriage lines of both hands in my relationships. Please help me. Thank you

    1. Hi Kangs

      Each person is different when it comes to forks however later on in life is when this relationship is happening, and alot can change by that time. Every 8 years your lines can change. A line upwards is positive, and if it reaches into the base of the middle finger it indicates great communication.

  34. Please help me..I am overly stressed after I got to know that a fork in the marriage line represents seperation..I have a fork at the end of my marriage line..Does this mean I will certainly have a seperation in future..Thanx a lot!!!!

    1. Hi Deepisolanki

      It does not always relate to separation, and it can also mean flexibility in the relationship and trying out different things. It indicates that you both have different needs or interests.

  35. Hi, I have 2 very faint lines coming off my marriage line either side. You can only see them in a particular light. They are on my left hand. What do they mean? I am very happily married and he works away for months at a time if that makes any difference?

  36. Hi there… Your article has been really informative…
    I am in a bit of a dilemma. (I am left handed) – my left hand shows one faint long relationship line near to my heart line and then above this (in between my heart line and small finger) is a strong deep long line.

    My right hand only shows one line

    I have loved a boy since my teens, however, I had to end the relationship as my parents found me a boy when I was in my mid 20’s

    I have been married to this boy for 4 years now. We hated each other for 2 years and have started to get on these last two years. I am not happy though, I have just accepted this is someone I will have to spend my life with.

    The main problem is I still love the first boy and if I could I would leave this marriage. However, I know I would be disowned if I did. I don’t talk to the other boy but the few times I have bumped into him and spoken to him (nothing flirty mind you!) in my heart I have felt like I belong with him still, and it feels like this time that has gone has not gone at all… the connection is there. Though we have never spoken of it, I know I still love him. I would NEVER have an affair though.

    What I wanted to ask you was I don’t know why my second line shows as the stronger one, and my first as the faint one when I am not even happy at all.
    Some advice would be greatly appreciated.. :(

    1. Hi Mina
      Life is too short to be unhappy and sometimes there are people that we will never forget. Next time you see this boy it would not hurt to have a friendship with him. I am sure that the strength of your first marriage line would deepen.

  37. Hi elle,
    i am right handed , in my left hand i have 5 marriage lines among those middle one is longer all lines are not deep but in my right hand i have only one marriage line with fork and this line is deeper than left hand’s lines.wat does this mean?

    1. Hi Faith
      I do not read the right hand when doing palmreading for marriage lines, and some people do have many lines and it is not uncommon in the modern age especially as alot of people date. A longer marriage line indicates the more long term relationship, and shorter lines people that you have a strong connection with. A longer line does not necessarily mean that you will be involved with the person and I feel that depth is more important and shows a connection to the soul and heart.

    2. Hi Elle,
      But I never had an affair only once till now and still i have many marriage lines in my left hand And I am going to marry .

    1. Hi Kriti
      An arranged marriage may be linked to a fate line coming from your lifeline, which shows you are closely controlled by your family such as a family business or marriage.

  38. Hi i only have 1 marriage line and it is smooth not chained and without islands or forks…. but very faint hard to see what does this mean? also it slopes down into my heart line does this mean divorce? What does it mean when the slope ends up touching my fate line? my fate line also crosses my heart line?Thanks so much i know i have a ton of questions.

  39. Hi,
    My marriage line bends(sweeps down)towards heart line but does not touch the heart line.whats the meaning of this please tell me ?

  40. hi,
    i am 26 years old and i am having a boy friend and i want to marry him but i want to ask that i have a two marriage lines 1 is strong and the 2 is lighter but longer than first 1 and the one more line joining 2 marriage line and heart line.
    Could you tell me what does it mean?

  41. hi,
    am left handed and in my left hand i have 2 marriage lines with a brownish mole on the deeper marriage line. On my right hand i have 2 faint marriage line. So while reading my palms should i rely on my left hand or the right one?? And as you have said that some signs might change over 8 years, does this also imply that the brownish mole will disappear or will it act as an obstacle in my future married life?

  42. Hi i have three marriage lines on my left hand the first one is faint the second line has a fork at the end and a line in the middle of the fork.the third line is also my right hand i have one long marriage line.wht does this mean?

  43. hello!…. very concerned with my marriage line.. .. .. . it ends in slope. and shows that will have problems with family?… does that mean his or mine?…. .. . . also line that goes through marriage line.. indicating sudden death?… is there anyway i can change this????…!! my loves hand shows that he would possibly be having another relationship on the side?… i just really want to know if we can prevent this??… i’m super worried about it.. i’ve always wanted to live and be married happily.. with that one person.. he claims the same. .. but we do have many ups and downs.. i don’t want to spend half of my life with someone only for us to not workk??…… pleasee help!?!?!

  44. scratch that.. .. okay.. welll… .. now my question is… … . . i have 2 lines on both right and left?…. which one is present the one on top or the one on bottom?.. it seems the relationship on top would be present?.. but the bottom seems like it was happier?………….. .. . . .. the guy i see now.. has ONE. marriage line.. but.. it seems feathered?… .. .. . and has a break?.. then a line above that.. .. and then goes back to the other line.. . . .. .. . ___—-___ ? … does this mean he will have infidelity>??.. anway to prevent?…. . .. . .. ..he’s very close with his family.. and i though that maybe because at the end of my fork on my upper marriage line goes into my lifeline.. that that was his family interfering? .. ugh.. idk.. .. .. i’ve never been more bothered in my life thoughh…. .. . … was under the impression from the beginning he was my soulmate. .. our fate lines used to match exactly as well.. but.. min is not straight anymoreeee…. .. =| …….

  45. Hi,
    Nice article to read. Need your help to read my palm.
    On my left hand I have three clear lines.I have this 1 marriage line which is very long (ends down my ring finger and stretches down near to my heart line ) but there’s a gap and then overlaps each other. at the end of the line there’s a fork with 2 lines crossing it from the middle finger. It is situated more than 3/4 from my heart line.Two lines stretch over to the back of my hand and are prominent but do not reach my palm surface .I also got this faint line which is the nearest to the heart line and there’s gap between it and then touches the heart line. I broke up with my long-term boyfriend( my first boyfriend and deeply in love with him!) 8 months ago and i don’t see any sign he’s going back to me. please help me. I’m left handed and age 23yrs old. Please help!

  46. Hello Elle,
    I would be very greatful for some insight into my love lines???

    I have recently turned 29 & have had two failed relationships!! Beginning to think that maybe im unlucky in love :-( I have been Single now for about 3 years, and my last relationship was very traumatic.

    I am right handed & on my right hand, I have one small union/marriage line near my heart line, a longer & deeper union line about midway between heart line & base of little finger. BUT this union line has a finer line running underneath which is broken in two with no overlap. ( I originally thought that the main union line forked at the end, but upon closer inspection it is an actual line running parallel and broken in two ) Further up towards the little finger, I have another union line which is smaller & fainter.

    Looking at my left hand I have one main mariage line which is deep and about halfway between heart & the base of little finger. It is deep & perfectly straight.

    Looking at my fate line on my right hand, I have a union line coming from the side of Mount Of Luna and actually joining the fate line just before my head line ( approx 2mm before head ), at the same time my sun line makes an appearance and ends in a star. In regards to timing and what I have mentioned, can I expect to meet someone before I am 35???

    Thank you sooooo much & sorry for the essay.

    Kind Regards

  47. Hi, I am Fasi
    And i am very worried since i recently dicovered i have three lines and the last line a has a fork the first line is straight and short and 2nd line is a little longer than the first and sadly the third line has a fork and it stoops towards the heart line.

    Thank you
    Please do reply

  48. sir
    i am 18 y old on my left hand silght fork marriage line is there …then on my right there is no fork …will my marriage life will be good?

  49. i have 2 marriage lines in left hand, 1 is close to heart line and long ,2 is close to pinky and long but both are of same colour. on right hand there id 2 lines both are of same colour and length ,first line close to heart on right hand have very light fork which is not easily visible. kindly help me please . i am a female age 23.

    Thank you and do reply please

  50. forgot to mention that i had serious relationship for 2 years but couldnt work .now i am in relationship again with 5 year ago ex-boyfriend.

  51. hello elle..hope u are fine

    i have 2 marriage lines on my left hand 1 is small near to pinky and 1 is long near to heart line. in right hand there are 2 lines,both are of same colour and lenght , first have little fork but is not easily visible. what is this mean? i had 2 year long serious relation but its over from his side. please help me

  52. Me and my husband in same apartment..but living like roommate since last 2 yrs. Thinking of divorce…I have 2 marriage lines in right and I saw my husband’s hand long back..he has 2-3 lines…1 faint belongs to affair and other 2 are forked….bcos of family pressure and parents i always think not to think of divorce..but my husband has no physical and emotional needs…and at times I feel so helpless and lonely that heart want to meet true soulmate… desperately..also in my right hand 2 lines..but in left..prominent line is only one with break…so according to left hand this relationship will improve after break..same line continues..but right hand has two lines…do you think I can get remarry?? bcos I would go for divorce only if there is chance of remarriage… my husband is not that bad…except he lives life of retired young age…with no needs..and at times I feel so suffocated and feel like falling in love..and want to meet soulmate…
    and I agree with your article…that his marriage line is properly forked…and he is very rigid, inflexible person.
    I am already 35 yrs old…I have 2 line in right hand..bcos of age factor, I have fear if I wont get remarry…bcos instead of living alone…this marriage is ok…but then such a lifeless relationship.. I am so confused…Please help me..
    also in my hand lines of children are there and my husband has no longing for them..

  53. i as well, a young man that is deeply in love but not sure if the relationship will go anywhere and personally in my heart i want to marry this person. when he is ready. i have 1 major line under my pinky with a 1 slight line following it. could you decipher what that would mean?

  54. Hello There,

    I am a 36 year old. I am a rigth handed. I got marriad few years ago. I was not happy with this maariage but somehow it happened. On my right hand I have got two dark mariage lines. One is almost in the middle and anothe one a little above it. The same is in my left hand. two lines and dark. in the middle and a little above.

    If I put my palm side to side, ot make heart line moon, the second line which is longer they match but the shorter lines don’t.

    I have read on internet above marriage line age calculations. If that is correct then My age on palm says first marriage will happens in 27 years wich is right I got marriad when i was 27.
    Now the confusino is- It is also true thought reading on inernet that longer lines represent maariage but on my both palm, fisrt line is smaller than the second one, The one I got married in.

    Both longer lines if I calculate the age calculation on internet it comes around 37-38.

    It is also true that now I love a girl. she knows abotu it but never anything happned. We neve talk. everything haapns from the distnace. I rally don’t know she loves me or not. Sometimes feel yes and sometimes No.

    Another things is on my left palm, the longer marriage line is broken and then overlaps but right hand line is straight and without any breakage or signs.

    Does it says I will get someone I really ever wanted??

    could tyou please advise me?


    1. keep the faith!! since the first line is shorter than the second one it means you will get married again and this time a happy one. im in a hurry and cant type too much but dont worry, you have a very good sign in the second line

  55. hi there
    i was just wondering i only have one marriage line and my boyfriend has two marrage lines and i feel like he is the one and he feels the same way but we don’t know if this indicates something?

    1. Hello Janet. I have seen people who has been married only once for over 50 years, and many of them have got more than one Marriage Line. It also depends on which hand. Marriage lines are not reliable to be read on the active palm.

      1. Wassim, your comment about marriage lines not being reliable on the active hand is interesting. What makes you say that? So is it the case, being left handed myself I need to actually look at the lines on my right hand? Why is that?

  56. Hello Elle :)
    I know this might sound silly, but I am starting to freak out about my marriage lines… I am 16, and yet I’m stressing about the fact that my marriage line branches downwards towards the end of it. Does this mean that my husband is going to die? Because there are two branches, one fainter than the other– could this mean he will get diagnosed with something? I know I am probably stressing about this way too much but I can’t help myself. Is there anything I can do to change this?
    Thank you!

  57. If the marriage line is straight nd has a fork in the middle. One line of fork downwards and other line fork going long what does that indicate?

  58. Hi,
    My marriage line is sloping downwards having a vertical line on it, what does it mean? Will I suffer a widowhood? I am so much concerned.

  59. .Hello Elle, I would like to ask about my marriage lines…In my left hand there is one straight line..& in my right hand there is three line is small and middle one is straight,there is fork in middle line..third line is parllel to middle…iam worried regarding married life..what that means ?….help me..


  60. hii
    my left hand is my dominant hand and on this hand i have two marriage lines and the lower one is stronger but is slightly waves upwards and then corves down towards the heart line but does not touch it, it is quite far. what does this mean and i have also heard that these lines can change. is it true can my marriage line change in the future.

  61. In my right hand palm there are three lines below the little finger.1st one which is closer to heart line is the shortest.middle one is longest and darkest and the last one which is above the middle one is about three fourth of middle one and dark.there is a cross on Jupiter mount.heart line is fork out and it ends on between index and middle finger and there is more developed mount of Venus.what do u think chances of love marriage?

  62. Hi Elle, I’m left handed and when looking at both of my palms see 2 relationship lines. On both hands the line lower down – which im sure represents my first boyfriend, is very short and feint. The second line which is long (12mm length in total) and dark looks like a marriage line, only it forks at the end – only on my left hand (not the right). Does this mean my current boyfriend (who is the love of my life) and I will not end up happily married together? Is there anything that I can do to change this? I love him with all my heart, and although our relationship isn’t easy am more than willing to work on these for how much I care for him. Right now I don’t even know if we’re ‘on’ at the moment. Any guidance would be most useful. Could you also let me know your pricing for a full hand or 2 hand assessment, and how to forward pictures of my palms to you pls? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Pam, the long marriage line is the best indicator for a serious relationship and someone that you have a deep connection with. A deep line is great for a loving, passionate relationship. You could become married especially it’s a long line. When it’s forked it’s usually those difficulties you talked about usually caused by differences, in that you may be just different star signs for example and approach a relationship differently. You still connect and love him deeply and no reason why it couldn’t work, you just may need to be flexible. I can read further into your palm if you want to email a photo of both palms to A full online reading is $40 (through paypal). THANKS :)

  63. my right hand there are two lines below pinky finger one is near to heart line and second one near to pinky finger….and in my left hand there only one line below pinky finger and it is near to pinky finer and also very thin line which is not clearly visible near in the midest of heart line and pinky finger what does it mean? which one is my marriage line!!

  64. Hi Mansi, if the left is your non dominant hand then this palm will show you marriage lines. The line if it is up higher towards the pinky finger is later on in life when you will have a serious relationship, usually after 35. As time goes on the lines can change and become darker and change in length and have symbols on them as well, which brings special meaning.

  65. Hi there,
    First of all, I am just amazed to see your active participation toward queries. I am 22 years old and an amateur palmist myself. I have been reading palmistry books since 2005 and I have been learning more and more by analysing hands usually right hands for right handed people and left for left handed people. My first query is why left hand?. Second is that I never wanted to get marrried but then there was this girl in college we never talked to each other but I liked her, college ended and we were separated, end of the story but we met again in our job coincidently we talked and I ended up telling her everything, and since then we are in a kind of a platonic relationship. I analysed her right hand and it had two parallel union lines. One closer to heart line and another just above the middle portion. Both lines are equal in length. Now in my right hand I have two lines one very short not even on palm and closer to heart line. Another one is above middle portion given impression of slanting slighly upward. So whats your prediction about both of us?
    I know that you don’t analyse right hands but if you can make an exception. For furthur consideration I am also inuding the position of these lines on my left hand, the position is same apart from a faint branch which doesn’t actually touched the first line, however gives the impression extending above and ahead of first line and sloping down toward heart line. Also on close looking the dark second line looks like having a very faint extension falling on heartline and touching it. What do you think about this?
    I would like to get in touch with you about few more issues related to palmistry if you are comfortable and can share your invaluable experience.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Ishu
      The left palm is read as it has information relating to your destiny and secrets that your unconscious holds. The right palm is about your reality. If you were left handed then you would read the right for marriage lines, but as most people are right handed this is the common palm to read. The left palm has a couple of marriage lines that you describe and any dropping lines down to the heart line is a lot of emotion with this relationship. This faint line may become darker over time. Most relationships are emotional, but this describes a deeper connection such as a soulmate connection. For compatability I recommend you send me a photo of both your palms and I am able to let you know if the timing matches up and how your lovelife is in general :) Palmreadings online are available for $40 or in person if you live in Adelaide for $100. Thanks

      1. Thanks for prompt reply. I am enclosing the images of my both hands. Please provide your valuable inputs. Thanks in advance.:)

  66. My dominant hand is right hand and it has 2 parallel dark marriage lines but the lower line is a bit shorter than the above and both the lines are bending towards the heart line. In my left hand it has 3 marriage lines the top most line is the longest line which is vertically crossed by a line and that vertical line touches the heart line. And the 2 lines below that marriage line are bending towards the heartline. All the 3 lines on the left hand are broken from the middle. Which marriage lines i should consider, left or right hand? and what does these lines say about my marriage. Thanks

    1. Hi Anjali
      You always read the marriage lines on the left hand. The vertical line cutting through then touching the heart line is a child from your partner’s previous relationship that you will love very much (as it touches the heart line). The line that is the longest and doesn’t bend down to the heart line is considered the strongest for marriage or a long lasting relationship. When the line dips it can indicate sadness and a difficulty of letting go of these people as you fell in love with them.

  67. Hi,

    My dominant hand is right hand and I have 2 marriage lines both running parallel and dark both end at the same point they are straight they does bend towards anything. and my left hand has one dark line which bends towards little finger. What does this indicate?

    1. Hi Mugdha

      I would read only the left palm and don’t be influenced by your right palm. The line on your left is a good sign of a loyal partnership and you have a big heart for one person only. When the line bends up this is a positive sign such as a spiritual relationship almost where you learn a lot from each other and may be involved in helping others as part of your relationship this bonds you.

      1. Hello Elle

        Thank you so much for your reply Well as my left hand is concerned then I do have only one prominent marriage line closer to little finger and it bends towards my little finger

        There are no other major lines except some fragmented very light lines which are not very visible

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  68. Hi .
    I have three marriage line ,the first one closer to heart is very small in length .the second and third are parallel to each other ,second line is lighter but clearly visible in comparison to last line(last line is dark) .As read in your earlier reply’s my first line(very short in length) is very close to my second line and difference between second and third is possibly .3 cm.Please reply which one is my marriage line

    1. Hi,

      The third line(last near to finger) is having fork say outer side of palm(description is about left hand).


      1. Hi Kanya

        I read marriage lines from the heart line upwards not from the top of the hand down. So the line closest to your pinky is a relationship in your later years such as 40s or 50s. The short line is likely to be a best friend. Depending on your age, either the first line closest to the heart line or the longer middle line shows good long relationships. The only difference is that you may not have reach your mid 30s gets and met this other person, who is much more different that your first relationship. With a lighter line the partner may be shy or it takes a while to get to know them.

    2. Hello Elle,

      I did not find any reply for my question yet Kindly reply I am waiting to know

      Regards Mugdha Shah

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  69. hello hello everyone

    My name is Malorie i’m from France and 20yrs, i’m really lost with my marriage lines…… i have just one important line in the two hands but she is so complicated to understand…..
    – In my left hand she is at she middle and she is in 2 parts, the first part its weavy and there is a fork then she is connected with the second part with a little cross and this second part is just a littl bit above the first one but always next to her, then above this second part of my only marriag line there is a line with an island just the same size as the second part of my marriag line , at the end of this island line above my marriag line there is a frok at his end what does it mean??
    – And my right hand is less complicated cause it’s still just only one line of marriag but this time it’s near the little finger and not at the middle, she is a normal line but at the end she is weavy and fall down without touching the heart line and without fork, so what does it mean this weavy end, and the fact that the line fall down ??
    why there is a double line with an island above my marriag line in my left hand and not in the right??

    ps: sorry for my mistakes in your language

    Thanks for answering me


    1. Hi Malorie

      It appears that your right palm has marriage lines that are easier to read than the left, however unless you are left handed it is always the left you read for the marriage lines. That is because it is the non dominant hand and this palm contains information about your destiny what you have been born with. The island is a warning of a marriage that is not ideal and draining emotionally, and a fork is a separation or flexibility within the marriage where there are two partners wanting different things. From reading your question, it would appear that the marriage line is smooth in your mid 30s and it shows a change in the relationship half-way through, and this with further reading of the palm could be anything such as travel or career change or health – a cross is also sometimes misinterpreted as a square symbol which is very protective from angels. This will help you transition in the changes in your relationship.

  70. Hi,
    I recently got married after lot of problems from the family. and I am stressed a lot.
    Now I can see my marriage lines are changing. in my both hands 3 marriage lines are visible. and I ended up one long relationship and this is gonna be my 2nd love. In my right hand this 2nd line(which is the longest ) had a split at the end. now I can see another faint line is coming to join the end of sun line and marriage line. the other end of this sun line is connected to the fate line.
    in my left hand the split was very faint. But now I can see it is more clearer now. and at the end of the marriage line there is a new line – a downward curve towards the sun line.
    I could see this new downward curve in my husbands left hand which I haven’t noticed earlier. It was very clear and deep than my one. He doesn’t believe in palmistry at all.
    This new lines are a big problem for me. Can you please explain it to me as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Susie
      Many people have 3 or more marriage lines as we meet many people through our lives that touch our hearts or we have a deep connection to. You feel that you are on the second marriage line, which would be around age 30-40. Only look on the left palm regarding the marriage lines, and the fork or split that you describe is only faint. I would not be overly worried about a faint line, and the more attention that you give it the more worry it will bring you. A split is different to a fork in that a split would be a complete broken line showing a break-up but a fork shows different personalities or interests. Look onto your life line and Mount of Venus for information about your family, and having less stress there.

  71. Hello, I have two marriage lines on my dominant hand (right). The first one closest to my heart line looks like it has a small split/gap and then starts up again and the other one goes down slightly and has a straight line going through it at the very end connected to the pinky. I’ve only had two loves in my life so far and only one I felt a deep connection (the first) Can you explain what the lines mean?

    1. Hi Jasmine
      I don’t read the right palm in the marriage lines, does your left palm show the same marriage lines? The left palm is your destiny, and the right dominant palm is influenced by your thoughts and I recommend the law of attraction to take control of your destiny.
      Breaks and splits are breakups, with lines going down some disappointment, but it starts up again so that is positive.
      The line joining the pinky could be some spiritual development in yourself and psychic connection with the person you have a relationship with. If you can let me know about your left palm, it is much more accurate as this will provide you with a more deep and emotional type of reading (the right tends to be more superficial).


      1. I have two marriage lines on my left.. Both of them start off straight and then fork out.. The top line forks into 3 lines with 2 lines touching the top of it starting at the pinky. the first touches just before the fork and the other meets the top forked line. The bottom marriage line forks into 2, making a “Y” but there’s a split/gap in the lower stem of the “y”, going downward slightly and then there is a line going straight through the stems of the “y” if that makes sense.

      2. Hello again Elle, I thought I’d add that the line that cuts through the “y” of my first marriage line starts where the second marriage line begins to fork. I’m 25 and at a crossroads in life and in love. I have 2 children in this relationship but he and I have too many difference, however this relationship has taught me an awful lot about myself. Hope you have a lovely day, and thank you so much :)

  72. Hi there:

    This is a very helpful page. Thanks!

    Let me talk about the second (which is the last marraige line on this palm) : call it A
    a branch(say line B) arises from my last affection line(say line A), ( line B looks like a line ending with fork– –which curves downwards towards heart line.)
    line A on this hand continues and ends in a slight upward curve.
    (rather this line B seems to be another indepndant line —this line B seems to cross line A at the back of my passive hand). Could you pls tell me wat would this crossing mean?

    Below is my active hand description:

    In total I have 3 affection lines on my dominant hand out of which:
    first ends with fork,second slightly curved towards heart line(location of line confirms the age I was married) .but,I’m getting divorced now.
    the last line(which is closer to the base of mount of mercury) is straight horizontal and begins from outer edge of my palm.
    Looking forward to hear from you,

    Thank You so much for your valuable time!

    1. Hi Rose
      Any lines that cross or are connected in some way show that you someone connected or all know each other, it is a small world, or it is that children will be cared for from previous relationships. If these two lines are only connecting or crossing each other on the back of the palm it is likely that this is from a long time ago, when you knew both these partners, in a previous lifetime.
      Forks on your line B which would be your earlier relationship can shows a emotional connection with your partner as the heart is involved. If you are getting divorced now from this person, it is going to be hard for you to possibly let go and need to look after yourself. The last marriage line closer to the little finger shows more positive signs, especially a branch that goes up is a positive sign – if it is a diagonal branch it is a child line (a daughter).


  73. Thank you for your reply.
    Those lines were faint earlier. But now it is deep. It appeared after the marriage that is why I am worried. And both my husband and I got this strange downward line. It starts at the end of the marriage line and goes towards the heart line. In my husbands line there is a fork also in that line. Do you have any idea what does it mean? I am worried.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Susie
      A branch that goes down to the heart line is different to a fork, in that it shows an emotional time or strong emotions coming through in the relationship. If you look at your fate line for changes in direction and your life line also for stress lines, this will show where your emotions are affected. It could be the dynamic between you and your partner, or it could be an outside influence. If you could send me some photos I could help you further.


  74. hi palm reader
    i’m seriously in big trouble in my love life. I have three marriage line in my left hand and the middle line is large then the other two lines, my first marriage line is near the end of my little finger and it has fork at the end of the line. I dont want to separate with my girlfriend. what can I do for recovery of that fork at at end of the first marriage line and i’m 21 years old. please help me out of this, i’ll be so thankful to you.

  75. Hello madam,

    Can u please explain me what is a sprit marriage line? Im really confused with that thing. Can u please inbox me d diagram of a sample sprit marriage line how exactly it looks like. I have one main marriage line. I hv a line before the marriage line,joining the main marriage line diagonally. These lines are merged. I searched every where fr
    Or that exact meaning of sprit marriage line but cldnt find out.. Waiting fr ur reply..
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ganesh,
      Do you mean a split marriage line?? these lines are doubled on the marriage line, it isn’t to be confused with any symbols which make up a square or triangle on the marriage line, or even branches up or down. A split in the marriage line is quite definite and clear showing a break, and time out from a relationship. If there is a line as you described joining the marriage line diagonally at the beginning this shows one person in the relationship is a stronger personality than the other (if it enters from the top). If the line enters from the bottom this shows they have a quieter personality than yourself and are down to earth.


      1. Sorry to disturb you again… Its not split marriage line… Its sprit marriage line.. I hv read a article abt sprit marriage line. It means we will marry to one of our ex and reunite each other.. As i know i dnt hv split line.. I have a line starting 5mm frm heart line which is very light in color joining diagonally to the starting of main marriage line.. i was in a relationship wit a girl we got broke coz of her family interference. So i just wanted to know whether we cld reunite again r nt.. And also have a query read in ur articles how does LOA(law of attraction)help change d destiny?

        Thank you

      2. Hi Ganesh
        A line coming up from near the heart line shows that is a sort of trauma line and conflict in your relationship, an obstacle that you can overcome. You could overcome this with Law of Attraction by doing affirmations and visualising your future, and writing down what it is that you want in this relationship. If you were to reunite, i would need to look at the whole palm. If you would like to know, send me some pics and small payment to allow me to help you further with a palmreading. Thanks, Elle

  76. Hi there, i would like a reading done, could you explain better of the process n pricess please. My main concern is of my marriage line, im a sensitive person been in love many times but i have been with someone for past 3 years and plan on marrying. I am confused with the marriage/attachment lines on my hand. Just wondering if u cud explain better. The darkest and deepest line on my right dominant hand has a very fine thin line running parallel n sooo close to the deep dark long line. It looks as if it touches in the middle but comes close enough that you cannot tell apart have to look carefully for the difference and then the thin fine line is seen going futher ahead than the dark n deep one.. N after that mid point the distance does increase between the lines to tell them apart. It does not look like they are diverging.

  77. I do want to add to my previous info that the thin line is on top of the dark deep line in my right hand. And on my left hand there are three lines starting from thw bottom closest to heart line which curves down, middle one has one line brancing out of its middle almos like two diverging lines and the top line closest to the little finger is just simply staight.. Out of these three the middle one is the darkest. Now the dark line and fine line running in my right hand parallel as mentioned in the previous comment matches the top line in the left hand and the middle diverging line in my left hand matches a line tilted towards heart line. Which sounds like my marriage line?

    1. Hi again Isha

      The left palm is the only palm that is used to read marriage lines. All marriage lines are considered marriage lines, no matter if you have 1 or if you have 8, light or dark, all of these lines are relationships or deep connections with someone in your life.
      The deeper the marriage line the stronger connection you will have with your partner and more spark. Sometimes if the line is light however it is only that the partner is shy or you haven’t met them yet. It is common to have 3 marriage lines, which are 3 major relationships you will have through your life such as in your 20s, 30s and 40s, but it can only be measured by reading the whole palm to get the exact age when you will meet. When you see lines going up on your marriage lines something these can be children lines, a diagonal is a girl and straight line a boy. Or the lines could be part of a symbol. Any lines going down are unusual and if not part of a line going upwards it is sadness or a disappointment of some sort, hence a line touching the heart line can be disappointment in matters of the heart and an emotional time. I hope this helps you Isha.

  78. Thank You so much Elle.Thats sucha precise answer.
    I also see you have mentioned abt “law of attraction”. I’m also a big fan of “The Secret”. How would you corelate law of attraction and a written destiny

    1. Hi Rose
      The law of attraction is very much the secret. It’s about tapping into your own energy and making the energy good, not negative. In palmreading the left palm is a written destiny and the right palm is somewhat unwritten and can change with your will power, and law of attraction. Thanks, Elle

  79. Hi, I have only one marriage line on my right hand. It forks at the end. I have suffered a major breakup just 6 months ago. The lack of any other line except this one scares me! Does this mean i’ll never find love again.

      1. On my left hand I have 2 lines. The one closer to the heart line is small and faint. The upper one is strong, prominent and straight with a very slight downward curve at the end. If I look closely and try to fold my hand I can see a small faint branch coming out of it. I’m not sure if its a fork. What do you think about this?

      2. Hi Jenny
        A long marriage line is the relationship that is the strongest and most likely to last the longest. When it bends down towards the heart line there is a lot emotion involved, and i would also check the life line and fate line for changes and symbols on your line to understand possibly when this relationship is happening in your life – so look for emotional changes in other lines. A marriage line that has a branch is sign of a child

  80. Thank you so much for your response Elle. Just wanted to tell you this strong line on my left hand does seem like a fork. I have a few questions:
    1. How do you determine the order of relationships when more than one relationship line is present? I mean how do you know which one is future and which is past. I somehow have a feeling this strong line on my left-hand close to little finger is this big breakup i just suffered. (My ex remarried last month, after 5 months of our breakup.) I want to believe that this 2nd small line closer to the heart line depicts my future relationship. Since, you’re the expert, I leave this for you to decipher.
    2. The fate line on my right hand is very straight (has branches towards the palm) but, ends at the heart line. I’ve read somewhere that this can sometimes mean failure in love relationships. And I have seen failure already. 3 failed relationships, biggest one being the last. I hate the idea that even if I go on to find love again, it will fail again. Please shed some light on this.
    3. There is an influence line rising from the mount of moon and meeting my fate line (right-hand). What does this signify?
    4. My lifeline (right hand) meets/crosses the fate line at a point just below where the above influence line touches/meets the fate line. I do have plans of going abroad to get a PhD. I would probably settle there. But all these are just plans right now. Please help me on this.

    I have immense faith in your readings. And I come to you with hopes of getting sound guidance. I have just survived a big heartbreak and trying to rebuild my life both personally and professionally. I left my job sometime back. Nothing is happening on that front either. Any help is highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Jenny
      Thanks for having faith in my readings and for the best advice it is preferred you have a paid palmreading which is only $40. I am then able to closely look at all aspects of your palm. I’d especially like to have a look at that influence line coming in to touch the fate line. If you would like to wait I am writing an article soon on the Fate Line and think you would find this relevant :) Otherwise get in touch with a few photos and I can communicate with you about your palmreading. Thanks

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