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Palmistry and reiki healer. Based in Adelaide. Been reading since 1997 and am always looking at the lovelines in palms. Detailed readings and clairvoyant help from spirit guides so you will get the information you need to know.

Fingers in palmreading can tell alot about your sexlife

A large thumb

The thumb in palmistry is considered the most powerful digit of all because it controls all the other fingers. A large thumb shows strong sexual energy and a domineering nature. A small thumb is a quieter person who finds it hard to speak up in about their sexual needs.

Apollo finger is longer than Jupiter finger showing emotion
Obama has a long Apollo finger and thumb bringing emotional strength

Jupiter the index finger

When you compare Jupiter with the Apollo ring finger you can see who is in charge in the relationship. If Jupiter finger is longer than the Apollo finger this is someone who likes to take charge in a relationship. There may also be a need for sexual conquests.

If Jupiter finger is shorter than Apollo finger there is a lack of self esteem and self confidence especially if the head and lifelines are joined

Saturn, the middle finger

In the centre of the palm between the rational and subconscious sides of the palm the Saturn finger is all about balance.

A straight Saturn finger is best to bring harmony between will and emotion, as well as a balance between liking to be with people and wanting to be alone.

If Saturn bends towards Jupiter it shows spontaneity and an outgoing nature If Saturn bends towards Apollo it shows a sociable person who also needs their own space If Saturn is strongly bent toward Apollo is a sign of depression

Apollo, the ring finger

An equally sized Apollo and Jupiter finger is lucky and shows good confidence and sense of well being.

A long ring finger shows an outgoing nature and well dressed person An exceptionally long finger shows gambling tendency

A spatulate fingernail shows someone who is really dynamic and on the go

Mercury, the little finger

A long little finger can show good ability to communicate verbally, sexually and emotionally important in relationships.

A straight Mercury finger shows an honest and someone a little naive

With a slight bend of Mercury finger toward Apollo there is more astuteness and diplomacy

A strong bend toward Apollo would indicate some manipulative behaviour in relationships

Changing marriage lines

Recently there have been alot of questions about marriage lines. Symbols on the marriage lines and faint lines are also a concern for many of my clients.

With palmistry it is important to remember that lines can change every 8 years. Minor markings and symbols can change every couple of months. When we do see these changes in our marriage lines we are given a chance to work on our relationship and have the chance to the problem rather than leave it up to fate.

Marriage lines under the Mercury finger

Focusing on the lines you have now

When reading marriage lines about future relationships it can depend on the clients attitude towards love at the time. If they are not keen to settle down and have other things on their mind such as career or travel, then the marriage lines may be weak. The other marriage lines may be friendship lines and not even a sexual relationship, but it is an important relationship that you will discover in time.

If you find a faint marriage line this may darken over time especially when you meet this person and develop your chemistry. The rest of the palm may show strength in a large Mount of Venus which indicates travel and a deep Fate line which shows ambition.

Symbols seen on marriage lines

If you are seeing squares and circles when having your palm read this should not put you off as they are not a permanent sign as i said before. They are more about the energy of that relationship and what could be blocking it happening, for example a circle can indicate a lack of energy or someone who is a bit toxic issues. A break in a marriage line can change over a matter of months strengthened by love, passion and protection from angels which show up as squares on your marriage line.

Travel and love for Rhianna

Rhianna's right palm shows an independant and passionate nature
Travel lines in the right palm shows alot of travel up until age 40
Musician Rhianna has a separated headline and lifeline at its beginning near the thumb. This shows independence and a humanitarian nature, especially so in her early 20s when upheaval was caused with her relationship with Chris Brown. It shows her strong nature and ability to start over with her taking the lead.
This may be an old photo, but it does show her as a caring person with a ring on her middle finger. On this Saturn finger this also indicates she was taking on alot of responsibility at the time this was taken. A wavy start to the heart line can show emotional intensity and nervousness, but the line continues strongly onto finish at the top of the palm, the indication of passion and romance.
An inner lifeline shows a soulmate on her Mount of Venus at 39. It is also at this point that her lifeline settles down and travel is not so widespread. Travel lines are aplenty on the Mount of Moon, the strongest of which is in the centre of the palm  with a strong connection to Central America as one of her favourite destinations.

Palmreading and tarot by Elle

Palmreading by Elle
photos by Raegan Walsh Howard

Elle Kirkby has been reading palms since 1997 in Adelaide as worked as a palmist also in Melbourne and London.  Also interested in astrology, numerology, dreams and tarot but specialised in palmistry. A good listener, I am also able to receive information from your guides. Through palmistry I will honestly read your marriage lines, children lines, health in the palm, career guidance and of course just how your relationship is going.

Private readings available on Tuesday, Thursday and weekends. Other days available on request. Palmreadings available for $75 for one hour or $100 includes tarot reading for an hour and a half. Over 1000 palms read in markets, psychic expos and at palmreading parties.  Shorter readings are available if group bookings made. Please call to book an appointment.

Corporate functions available in Adelaide for $150 an hour. Recommended group size is 20 to allow palmreadings for about 20 minutes for up to 3 hours.

Online readings available for anyone wanting quick answers for $20 per reading. More detailed online readings available by donation or recommended $50 through paypal links. Free readings available on facebook fan page Palmreading by Elle.

Photos by Anna Conlan
Photos by Anna Conlan

Some of the wonderful clients I’ve helped over the years: … corporate functions  since 2007 … release of new Overland train in 2007 … Adelaide Career Expo since 2008 … product launch for Nivea dNA hand cream


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Angel symbols in the palm

Angels in the palm

Angel symbols

Archangel Michael can be seen as a symbol M on the Mount of Venus or extra life line assisting in courage and good health. He is one of the strongest guardian angels I regularly see working in the palm. There is also a lucky M that can be found with the crossing of the heart line, head line and fate line and is a good luck symbol for marriage and money.

Archangel Raphael can be seen as a square on the Saturn mount assisting in physical stability and healing. He is in your palm to help remove physical challenges from your own and other’s lives. You are able to channel alot of heat to provide healing energy with this symbol. You are also very good at helping with the world’s problems and a great humanitarian.

Archangel Gabrielle can be seen as a square around the Apollo mount, under the ring finger. He assists in artistic expression and matters of the heart. You are a gifted communicator and channelling energy such as singing and acting comes naturally. The square symbol keeps you down to earth and fame won’t go to your head.

Archangel Uriel can be seen as a symbol around the Mars and Mercury Mounts on the outer side of the palm. This lucky symbol on the Mount of Mercury will help you to be more assertive in relationships and in communication in general.  On the Mount of Mars this square symbol shows a protective side or a talent for working in the navy or police force.

More about astrology and palmistry

Each finger is ruled by a different god and have a close connection with astrology.

The quality of each finger, its length, and size of mount of the base of each finger can influence how strongly each god rules over our lives.

Index finger of Jupiter

Planet Jupiter and the Mount of Jupiter relate to leadership, confidence and ambitions. In a relationship, a longer index finger in comparison to the ring finger shows someone wanting to take control. Lucky love symbols to look for here are the teacher’s square for patience, ring of solomon around the base of the finger for counselling ability, and a cross on the mount for being lucky in life.

The Saturn Finger

Middle finger of Saturn

The planet and Mount of Saturn reveals wisdom and responsibility, so often branches to this mount show children or property..and serious matters of life.  Triangles and squares are common symbols on this mount and increase your chances you will deal with serious issues and challenges in your life.

The Ring finger of Apollo

Apollo was a sun god, and the Apollo mount is a very lucky one. If there is no Apollo mount your luck or spirit may be low. Mounts do however change over time depending on your vitality. The Apollo mount brings a love of music and poetry, reveals your creative side and sense of well being.  Branches to this mount bring good luck with the lovelife and shows start of a new romance. Triplicated Apollo lines are classically told to be a very lucky sign for fame and fortune in your life. A star on the Apollo line may indicate when this fortune will happen.

The little finger of Mercury
The Planet and Mount of Mercury rules communication in the palm. Messages are received here by lines up to your little finger showing psychic insight or down across the communication lines showing your general connection with technology and others. The mercury mount also rules sex, money and health. A strong mercury mount can indicate these areas are a major part of the person’s life and and symbols on the mount will increase their power. Generally the right palm on the mercury mount relates to money and the left palm relates to sex.  Healing striata is also seen in this area showing ability as a nurse or doctor.

Astrology and palmreading

Fire, Water, Earth and Air are the four chinese elements used to classify hand types. Similar to astrology, the characteristics of these elements can describe your approach to love and life. In Western astrology, the planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars are seen in your palm as well. These are found in mounts in the palm showing how vibrant your personality and motivation for life is.

If you would like a short astrology reading and how it relates to your palm these will be available for a limited time at $20. Follow the links on the blog and email your palm to

In astrology you may already know that the elements seen in a Fire palm relate to star signs Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. 

Dramatic Liza Minnelli has a fire shaped palm
Dramatic Liza Minnelli has a fire shaped palm

You have a Fire palm if you have long fingers and a wide palm. This gives you stability with and dynamic ideas. Your curved heart line makes you loving and outgoing. Your fingernails are shaped like a fan and fingerprints are often circle shaped making you a natural on stage.

The Water palm has qualities seen in a Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer.  

The ever graceful palm of Princess Diana
The ever graceful palm of Princess Diana

A water palm such as Princess Dianas is long showing grace and creativity. Many lines on the Mount of Venus show musical ability as well as great sensitivity. A slightly curved, heart line shows compassion. The fingernail shape is often circular or narrow and fingerprints are looped or arched which brings detail and a searching for the truth.

The Earth palm has links with the star signs Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.  

Grounded Steven Spielberg has straight lines and an earth palm
Grounded Steven Spielberg has straight lines and an earth palm

These practical people of the world are also wonderful directors. The large palm, short fingers and straight heart and head lines brings a quiet nature and honesty. They are lovers of nature as their Mounts of Upper Mars and Luna are strong, and there may also be Loops of Nature showing inspiration from nature. The circle shaped fingerprints brings leadership.

The Air palm could be related to the qualities seen in a Gemini, Aquarius or Libra.

The Mecurial palm of Angelina Jolie
The Mecurial palm of Angelina Jolie

The Air palm is also square giving stability while the long fingers allow the creativity to shine. A wavy heart line may give clues to a restless lovelife. Fingernails are often fan shaped reflecting a spontaneous side. The Mount of Mercury often rules those with an Air palm making communication their first love.


How to read your lover’s palm

Grab your lover’s palm now and look at the heart line. A straight line shows intensity, a curved one cuddles.  Also look at the head line. A forked head line shows flexibility and open mindedness, a straight one a logical mind. It is not just the heart and head line, there are minor lines such as the Apollo line, Fate line and Marriage lines to check out. Apollo lines show your fortune and happiness in relationships. Your fate line will show how you feel about the future. The marriage lines show how many relationships you will have.

Photo by Anna Conlon
Photo by Anna Conlon

Marriage and Sun LinesIn palmistry the Apollo line is also known as the sun line. The sun line runs up to the ring finger of Apollo, who was a sun god, known for his music and poetry, and reveals your creative side and sense of well being.

When you start a new relationship the sun line will either start up on its own or  branch off from the fate line. If you follow this sun line and look for other lines that adjoin it further on it can be a sign of commitment in a relationship and strength.Symbols such as stars bring great luck. If the line is triplicated it can bring fame and fortune.

The marriage lines are also clues to to your relationships and your children.

The number of marriage lines vary and indicate how many serious relationships you will have. These series of horizontal lines can vary in quality and how they end are strong indication of how the relationship will turn out.

The quality of the line is best if not broken. If it is broken check for the quality of the line after the break. Do branches and symbols such as triangles and squaresappear on the line – if so this is a positive sign of change. A relationship has gone through a big change and branches show new growth such as a child, a triangle symbol knowledge and squares bring more stability. If the marriage line dips deeply into the heart line it is a soulmate connection. If it is a very long marriage line you will find it hard to be without your partner. If the marriage line curves upwards there is spiritual growth to the relationship with charity indicated.

Photo by Anna Conlan
Photo by Anna Conlan

Looking for Love?

Yes check out the heart line…
There are 3 main shapes of heart lines –
1. curved toward jupiter mount under the index finger
2. curved toward saturn mount under the middle finger
3. straight across the palm
  • A curved heart line shows passion and an outgoing nature. If it ends at the jupiter mount under the index finger your lover craves physical touch, needs alot of hugs and kisses. Has high standards.
  • If the line ends at the saturn mount under your middle finger your lover is a little more cool and may not be ready for a serious relationship. It’s all or nothing if this is your lover.
  • If the heart line is straight your lover is likely to be cool and shy at times. They like to take their time in relationships. If the heart line appears to run into the head line it can form a simian line. This is an emotional lover and often seen on gay or bisexual lovers.
Love or lust? A large mount of venus, the padded area under your thumb is all about your energy for life and also stamina in the bedroom. A large mount of venus usually indicates alot of lust.
An imaginative lover? Fingerprint type markings in the palm known as loops can be found in the mount of luna and moon. The loop of water or loop of inspiration usually seen on creative souls who are romantic and sentimental.  This person also loves the water.